Watch Dragons: Riders of Berk Online

Dragons: Riders of Berk is an computer-animated television series airing on Cartoon Network based on the 2010 film How to Train Your Dragon. The series serves as a bridge between the first film and its 2014 sequel. Following the events of How To Train Your Dragon, the Vikings of Berk and their former enemies, the dragons, are living together in peace, but this co-existence is not as harmonious as one may think. The dragons, being the wild beasts they yet remain, unintentionally stir up trouble time and again, leading to the more grouchy types among the Vikings to take exception to their presence. And on every such occasion, it falls upon Hiccup and his friends to work on a solution for the problem.

Season 2 Episode 20 – Cast Out, Part II

Hiccup cautiously accepts Alvin’s help on a mission to rescue Stoick from Dagur’s clutches. The dragon riders, the Berserkers and the Screaming Death all converge on Outcast Island, for a war that may decide the fate of the archipelago.

Season 2 Episode 19 – Cast Out, Part I

After Snotlout nearly kills Astrid for recklessly disobeying a lesson, Hiccup suspends him from the academy for disobeying the rules one time too many. However after he and Hookfang are ambushed by the Screaming Death, Snotlout is rescued by Alvin the Treacherous, who has returned to Berk to make amends.

Season 2 Episode 18 – Bing! Bam! Boom!

When Three Adolescent Thunderdrums follow Hiccup and Stoick back to Berk, the trio of Dragons prove to be a handful for the Dragon Academy to train. When the dragons are forced to live on dragon island, the group learns they can’t survive without a father, so Stoick releases Thornado so he can take care of them.

Season 2 Episode 17 – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

A rogue species of dragon steals the town’s metal.

Season 2 Episode 16 – The Eel Effect

While gathering medicine for an Eel Pox epidemic on Berk, Toothless eats a red eel attacking Hiccup after he falls into eel infested waters. This causes Toothless to come down with the dragons’ version of Eel Pox, skittish and uncontrollable fire power.